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About US

With more than 20years of manufacturing floor, Chenxing has sold laminate floor and SPC floor to more than 65 countries. Chenxing is one of the biggest floor manufacturer in China.

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SPC Floor

The full name of SPC is Stone Plastic Composite. SPC flooring is made of calcium carbonate powder, PVC powder and stabilizer. SPC flooring is also called Rigid floor, Diamond floor.

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Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring is made up of four layers: abrasion layer, decoration layer, HDF board and balance layer. Laminate wooden floor is a kind of floor which could provide wood feel in your home.

Floor Projects

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USA House with SPC floor

SPC floor is 100% Waterproof, can be used in anywhere in your house.

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UAE 5 Star Hotel Project

High end laminate flooring were used in 5 star hotel.

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Shopping Mall with SPC flooring

SPC flooring with high abrasion resistance, are much popular in commercial area.

Sleek & Beautiful

Working Offices wtih Laminate Floor

Wood feel laminate floor build a comfortable working area.

Our New Posts

2019-03-10 No Comments

Chenxing Laminate Floor Production

Chenxing Laminate Floor Production Laminate floor is a hot pressing product, we have five hot pressing line, three cutting line and two grooving line. We also produce HDF boards by ourselves.  1. First step is hot pressing, there are four layers, abrasion layer, decoration layer, HDF boards and balance layer. Put the four layers in…

2019-01-14 No Comments

SPC Floor Virgin Material

SPC Floor Virgin Material SPC floor has lower Shrinkage, Warpage, and better toughness. SPC flooring is becoming more and more popular right now. SPC flooring is 100% waterproof and E0, good for kids and pets. Chenxing SPC flooring is 100% virgin material, there is no recycled material. Here is the SPC floor Raw materials and…

2018-12-10 No Comments

Do Self Leveling is necessary for SPC Floor Installation?

Self Leveling Install SPC Flooring Do Self Leveling is necessary for SPC Floor Installation? Can we install SPC floor directly on top of tiles or wood floors? Today we will introduce all the installation preparation for SPC flooring. Concrete surface We can install SPC floor on the concrete surface. But the concrete surface high and low difference…