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Chenxing Laminate Floor Production

Chenxing Laminate Floor Production

Chenxing Laminate Floor Production

Laminate floor is a hot pressing product, we have five hot pressing line, three cutting line and two grooving line.

We also produce HDF boards by ourselves. 

1. First step is hot pressing, there are four layers, abrasion layer, decoration layer, HDF boards and balance layer. Put the four layers in the hot pressing for 30-60 seconds then the boards will be in 24 hours acclimation.  

2.  After 24 hours, the 2460*1250mm boards will be cut into planks, and it will take 3-5 days to cool off.

3. We will help to design the box, our clients will need to provide the logo. We have our own designer, the box design is FOR FREE.

4. The most important step is grooving the clicks. We have single click, double click.  There are 8 or 10 pieces planks in each box. We will put the plastic outside the box. It is waterproof.


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