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Chenxing Laminate Floor Quality Test

Chenxing Laminate Floor Quality Test

Chenxing has laminate floor quality test and control department, they will test the floor quality through all floor production process, including raw materials, hot pressing production, cutting grooving, packing, loading etc.

1. Before production, our engineer will check all the materials, like HDF quality, abrasion layer, balance layer, decor papers etc. We need to ensure that all floor production will be totally same as our clients ordered. All the floor quality will be same as the samples we provided. Our engineers will put the hdf samples in our lab, we will test the density and hdf quality.

2. During production, our engineer will check the glossy degree when finish hot pressing. All the goods will be at same glossy degree. When it comes to grooving the clicks, our engineers will pick few planks to install together to check the high and low difference, the installation results etc. This is the most important test process during production.


3. After production, our engineer will also check the boxes randomly. They will open few boxes and install the floor to check. All the test equipment are very professional. Our clients are also warmly welcomed to check the goods to our factory before loading the goods into the container.  

4. During goods loading, we will take loading pictures. The pictures will be sent to our clients for reference.

After all the laminate floor quality test, we will send the test report to our clients for each order.

In Chenxing, you will get the highest quality of laminate floor. We will test the quality for you. We are sure that Chenxing will be your best floor partner.


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