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Chenxing Laminate Floor New Colors

Chenxing Laminate Floor New Colors

Chenxing has thousands of laminate floor new colors. Laminate floor has been used for more than 20 years, the wood feel colors and wood material make wood feel. Like oak, walnut colors, they all have beautiful wood texture, we can see the annual ring by circle and circle.

Laminate floor wood colors can provide modest, elegant, simple and generous. These factors represent the American style in interior design. Chenxing popular laminate floor colors keep the original wood texture and wood feel. These wood textures are also decoration materials, we can see different wood design in the different area.

Chenxing has various laminate floor new colors, from light to dark, from rustic style to fashion healthy style. The elegant but generous colors can make you feel the exalted life and close to nature as much as we can.

Chenxing floor MOQ order is a 20ft container. A 20ft container can load 3200sqm for 8mm. You can select 5-6 colors in one container. Contact us for more laminate floor new colors. 



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