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SPC Flooring Maintenance

SPC Flooring Maintenance

Chenxing waterproof SPC Flooring Maintenance and cleaning is very easy. SPC flooring is not only cheaper than vinyl flooring and solid floor, but also it is much easier to clean and maintain. SPC flooring products are waterproof, but it can be damaged by improper cleaning methods. It only takes some simple steps then you can enjoy your SPC floor and the SPC flooring will keep it’s natural look for very long time.

Use a lightweight vacuum or broom to remove dirt and debris. Depending on how much traffic your flooring endures, will determine how often you will need to sweep.

SPC flooring maintenance is also very easy. Choose one mop you like and the mop can be damp. After all, SPC floor is totally waterproof. Do not forget to rinse the floor after using a soap. Wash another mop with clean water and run the clean mop over SPC flooring.

When we want to deep clean the SPC floor, we can add some white vinegar into the water. If the white vinegar does not work, we can also some dish soap together. Pls note, Strong, abrasive cleaners and wired brushed scrubbing pads should not be used on SPC flooring. This will destroy the top layer of SPC floor.

Put a doormat on the outside of the door. A doormat will help to keep out the dirt and something chemical. Put the floor protectors for furniture and other heavy electrical equipment. It will be much better if we do not use the rolling casters.  

Besides, SPC floor does not require any wax.

SPC floor works great in wet areas and heavy traffic areas. It is very easy to clean and maintain SPC floor is the most popular floor right now and we are sure that SPC floor is also floor future.

Any questions of SPC floor, feel free to let us know.

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Farhan RawatPosted on  5:58 pm - Apr 13, 2019

Sir/Madam, I would like to import your SPC floor for distribution in my country.
My company, HOMELIKE LTD, imports, sells and installs floor and blinds.
Thank you for your consideration and look forward to your reply.
Farhan Rawat
Beau Bassin,

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