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SPC floor, LVT floor and WPC floor are three different kinds of floor. The three kinds of floor are also very popular.

Here is the comparison of the three floors:

1. Structure

All these three floors has UV coating, wear layer and decor layer. The core layer is different. SPC floor core layer is made by Calcium powder, PVC powder and stabilizer. WPC floor core layer is LVT layer and a foaming agent. LVT core layer is made by Calcium powder, PVC powder and plasticizer. UV coating is to make the floor lightfastness so the floor colors won’t fake.

2. Waterproof

All these three floors are waterproof. SPC floor, LVT floor, WPC floor are all 100% waterproof, can also be used in bathroom and kitchen.

3. Environmentally friendly

LVT and WPC floor has plasticizer, which is not Environmentally friendly. SPC floor does not have any glue, it is E0 and good for kids pets.

4. Stability

SPC floor is the most stable product. The shrinkage of SPC floor is <0.02%. Normally the extension joints is 8-10mm, we do not need any extension joints. But most install workers will keep 5mm extension joint just to be safe.

5. Installation: WPC VS LVT

WPC floor can install subfloors without much preparation. LVT floors are flexible, meaning any unevenness in the subfloor will likely transfer through the surface. Compared to traditional glue-down LVT or solid-locking LVT, WPC floor has an advantage because the rigid core hides subfloor imperfections. In addition, the rigid core allows for longer, wider formats. With WPC, it is not necessary to worry about the preparation LVT would require for use over cracks and divots in concrete or wooden subfloors.

6. Application area: SPC VS WPC

WPC can be installed directly over imperfect subfloors or ceramic tiles and comes with built-in sound abatement properties. WPC Floor is more suitable in residential area. SPC floor is more suitable for commercial areas. Meanwhile, rigid core SPC floor is made of a composite core construction and is widely considered to be a step up from solid LVT.  Rigid core SPC Floor is primarily suitable where higher indentation resistance is required and where extensive exposure to sunlight/heat can occur. Rigid core works in commercial applications in which performance is demanded. It is relatively forgiving over imperfect subfloors.  

SPC VS LVT VS WPC floor,  you will know which kind of floor suits your requirements. 

water is leaking on SPC Flooring

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