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Chenxing Laminate Floor Quality Test

Chenxing has laminate floor quality test and control department, they will test the floor quality through all floor production process, including raw materials, hot pressing production, cutting grooving, packing, loading etc.

1. Before production, our engineer will check all the materials, like HDF quality, abrasion layer, balance layer, decor papers etc. We need to ensure that all floor production will be totally same as our clients ordered. All the floor quality will be same as the samples we provided. Our engineers will put the hdf samples in our lab, we will test the density and hdf quality.

2. During production, our engineer will check the glossy degree when finish hot pressing. All the goods will be at same glossy degree. When it comes to grooving the clicks, our engineers will pick few planks to install together to check the high and low difference, the installation results etc. This is the most important test process during production.


3. After production, our engineer will also check the boxes randomly. They will open few boxes and install the floor to check. All the test equipment are very professional. Our clients are also warmly welcomed to check the goods to our factory before loading the goods into the container.  

4. During goods loading, we will take loading pictures. The pictures will be sent to our clients for reference.

After all the laminate floor quality test, we will send the test report to our clients for each order.

In Chenxing, you will get the highest quality of laminate floor. We will test the quality for you. We are sure that Chenxing will be your best floor partner.


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Chenxing laminate floor technology data

Laminate floor technology data includes all details, like abrasion,  formaldehyde emission, lightfastness etc. Laminate floor is cheaper than hardwood and engineered floor, but also has wood feel texture and wood colors. So laminate floor still very popular throughout the world.

Laminate floor is made up of four layers, abrasion layer, decor paper layer, HDF core board layer and balance layer. The laminate floor technology data shows all details for these info.

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Waterproof SPC floor New Technology

Chenxing Waterproof SPC floor New Technology

Waterproof SPC flooring is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Waterproof SPC floor can be used in bathroom and kitchen. Besides, there are thousands of wood texture and wood design colors for SPC floor. In order to provide more services, Chenxing has added equipment and waterproof SPC floor new technology to produce various of SPC floor.

1. SPC floor with EIR surface

Now most SPC floor factories produce Deep embossed surface. There are not many factories can produce EIR surface. EIR surface needs the surface texture 100% match with the color design. EIR surfaces make the SPC floor more feel like real wood and make us close to nature in home.

2. SPC floor with beveled V-Groove

Same as EIR surface, V-Groove SPC floor also cannot be available in every factory. Square edge SPC floor can be found in most factories. SPC floor V-Groove is similar to laminate floor. The edge will be painted with some paints. The paint colors will close to floor colors. Beveled V-Groove SPC floor will be a trend in the coming future.

3. SPC floor with IXPE

IXPE can absorb some noise. SPC floor with IXPE is a high-end product. The IXPE thickness can be 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm etc. Normally the IXPE is black colors. IXPE quality is better than EVA. When you buy one SPC floor with IXPE, the installation won’t need the underlayment in roll.


4. SPC floor with 1500mm, 1800mm length

The normal size of SPC floor is 1220*180mm. 1500mm, 1800mm length of SPC floor are available in Chenxing. The longboard will be much more beautiful than normal size, especially for wood colors. The clicks are same valinge click, easy to install.

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Chenxing Laminate Floor New Colors

Chenxing has thousands of laminate floor new colors. Laminate floor has been used for more than 20 years, the wood feel colors and wood material make wood feel. Like oak, walnut colors, they all have beautiful wood texture, we can see the annual ring by circle and circle.

Laminate floor wood colors can provide modest, elegant, simple and generous. These factors represent the American style in interior design. Chenxing popular laminate floor colors keep the original wood texture and wood feel. These wood textures are also decoration materials, we can see different wood design in the different area.

Chenxing has various laminate floor new colors, from light to dark, from rustic style to fashion healthy style. The elegant but generous colors can make you feel the exalted life and close to nature as much as we can.

Chenxing floor MOQ order is a 20ft container. A 20ft container can load 3200sqm for 8mm. You can select 5-6 colors in one container. Contact us for more laminate floor new colors. 



Chenxing Floor Services

Chenxing is not only to provide high quality of laminate flooring and waterproof SPC flooring, but also provide a variety of floor services. We also provide sales support, design support, after sales services etc.

1. Floor New colors and Best price.

Chenxing always keeps our clients updated with the newest floor colors and best price.

2. Floor Sales supporting.

Most of our clients need the sales support, including showboards, floor samples. Chenxing can provide these sales marketing tools for our clients. We will put these marketing tools into containers. The marketing tools will be with the stickers.

3. Floor Design supporting.

Chenxing has our own design department, we can help to design the box package. The box design service is totally free. If our clients need, we can also design catalog, even brand and logo.

4. After sales services.

As a floor manufacturer, Chenxing also do most of after sales services. We can teach the installation methods after our clients get the goods. We can also provide promoting idea to support our clients. Our clients can find us any time when they have questions.

Chenxing can do more than you think. Chenxing will be your best partner in floor business. Any needs, feel free to let us know. 

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SPC Flooring Popular Colors

SPC flooring popular colors are available in Chnenxing. SPC flooring is becoming more and more popular right now. Chenxing also adding new colors for SPC flooring, including wood texture, stone colors etc. In one 20ft container, you can select 4-5 colors.


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