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Chenxing Floor Skirting Accessories Selection

Chenxing Floor Skirting Accessories Selection

Do you know how to select floor skirting? What size of floor skirting is suitable for your house?

Skirting is also called baseboard. The skirting is necessary in floor installation. Skirting can cover the expansion joints reserved for wooden floors, prevent soiling of walls when cleaning the floor etc. The floor skirting is very important for the beauty of the house.

The floor skirting height is decided by the height of the room. They have a certain proportion. Once the proportion is wrong, it will seriously affect the sense of beauty. Normally the height of skirting is between 5cm and 18cm. Different material, the height will be slightly different. Like MDF Skirting is between 5cm and 15cm, PVC skirting is between 10cm and 12cm.

Normally the room height is 2.8 meters, the skirting height can be 15cm. If the room height is less than 2.5 meters, the skirting height shall be less than 10cm. In our home decoration, 8cm skirting is the most popular height. If you do not want people to notice the skirting, you can also use 5cm or 6cm skirting. On the other hand, we suggest to use 10cm to 15cm skirting in big villa or magnificent decoration style house.

Besides, you can also select Concave Line or Quarter Round instead of skirting. Their height is less than 2cm. These are decided by your own choices.

In a word, the skirting selection is based on sense of beauty. Hope this article can help you to select the best suitable skirting for your new house.

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