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Chenxing SPC Floor Warranty

Chenxing SPC Floor Warranty

Chenxing SPC floor warranty is 20-25 years warranty for the residential area and 15-20 years for the commercial area. SPC floor is 100% waterproof, E0, healthy for kids and pets. The installation is very easy, do not need any glue.

The SPC Warranties coverage are as follows:

1. Chenxing SPC floor will not break up in normal residential use.

2. Chenxing SPC floor will not lose the color design in normal residential or commercial use.

3. Chenxing SPC floor will not contain any manufacturing quality problems.

4. Chenxing SPC floor will not permanently scuff from high heels.

5. Chenxing SPC floor is 100% waterproof.

6. Chenxing SPC floor is E0, healthy for kids and pets.


The SPC Warranties do not cover conditions caused by improper use or maintenance outlined below:

1. Any wear or reduction in gloss, marks, scuffs, scratches, gouges, dents or cuts, including (without

limitation) those caused by pets, pebbles, sand or otherwise abrasives, construction traffic or failure

to maintain the floor as required;

2. Any damage caused by negligence, accidents, misuse, non-approved cleaners, or abuse;

3. Damage caused by furniture, appliances, wheeled items or other such items applied to the face of

the material;

4. Installing cabinets or countertops over a floating floor is strictly prohibited and will render this

warranty null and void.

5. Failure to support furniture, appliances or other items of the like with floor protectors that are

appropriately sized, made of non-staining felt. The use of rubber, plastic or metal glides is not permitted;

6. Any splits, cracks, grain raising, checking, edge fracturing, splintering, cupping, crowning/peaking,

warping, twisting, expansion/contraction, telegraphing, buckling, mold, mildew or chipping that

occurs during or after the floor has been installed and as a result of abuse, misuse, improper

maintenance or care, exposure to excessive or insufficient moisture, improper installation technique

and improper environmental conditions including excessive heat from radiant heat systems are not

covered under the manufacturer’s warranty;

7. Flooring installed in full bathrooms with a shower or tub;

8. Damage caused by fire, flooding, and other natural disasters and acts of God;

9. Changes in color due to aging, excessive moisture, exposure to sunlight or UV rays will not be

considered a defect.

10. We do our best to have the most accurate representation of our floors in all marketing material and

samples. However, variances may appear from digital photographs, printed photographs, sample

material, finish texture, finish sheen and color when compared to the actual material. Any exact

matches are to be considered coincidental;

11. Color variations between flooring and/or samples and other flooring and/or samples you wish to

match are not considered a defect and are not covered under warranty;

12. Floors that are installed in other than owner-occupied or tenant-occupied residences;

13. Any shipping, construction or installation-related damage;

14. Installation defects, including wrong installations methods.

15. Any use of non-approved installation or maintenance products including, but not limited to, steam

cleaners, string mops, sponge mops, microfiber pads, or pre-treated mopping pads;

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