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How to install SPC flooring?

How to install SPC flooring?

Installing SPC flooring is different with laminate floor or other floor. Here Chenxing floor will introduce the installation methods of waterproof SPC flooring. Then you can also install SPC flooring in your own home. 


1. If required, use a suitable compound to fill in any cracks or holes in the subfloor. Ensure the surface is structurally sound, clean, and dry. SPC flooring must be level to 4.7mm per 3m radius (3/16″ per 10 foot radius). Maximum deflection should be no more than 1.1mm (3/64″).

2. Make sure a 6mm (1/4”) space must be left between walls and other obstructions such as pipes, stairs, pillars, etc. Trim mouldings can be used to cover these spaces after SPC Flooring installation is complete. When measuring to install around pipes, drill holes 12mm (1/2”) larger than the pipes.

3. When possible avoid placing joints of SPC overtop of joints/seams of subfloor. End joints of boards should be staggered at least 18cm (7”) apart. Plan layout such that beginning and end of rows are greater than 30cm (12”) in length. Also check layout before beginning SPC Flooring installation for planned width of final row: this should not be less than 5cm (2”). If so, make adjustments to width of first row so that both first and last will be wider than 5cm (2”).

4. Do not install SPC Flooring over expansion joints.

5. Do not install kitchen cabinets or island directly over SPC flooring. Warranty will be voided if SPC flooring is unable to move freely for contraction and expansion during temperature changes.

6. Decide on direction floor is to be installed. It is recommended to install planks parallel to main source of light in the room.

7. Remove thresholds, baseboards, and the existing flooring if necessary. If the pre-existing floor surface is smooth and solid you may choose to skip this step (please see substrate requirements listed above). Door trim should be undercut for best results, allowing SPC flooring to move without being pinched. After performing these preparations vacuum/sweep installation area to remove debris and dust.


1. Once subfloor is fully cleaned and prepared, begin with install SPC Flooring left to right for the first row. Place first SPC Flooring plank so grooved edge is facing towards you. Install SPC Flooring board 6mm (1/4”) from left wall. Use spacers between the wall and the SPC flooring plank.

2. For the second SPC Flooring board in the first row, install SPC flooring board interlocking with the first end-to-end and fold it down to lock together. These should be the same height if laid properly. Ensure both are perfectly aligned. Continue in same method towards right hand wall. NOTE: If both boards are not same height or are not locked properly together follow the directions at bottom of guide of “TO UNINSTALL”. Remove SPC Flooring board(s) and check for debris obstructing the lock and grooves. If the end joints are not properly lined up, trying to force the boards together will permanently damage end joints.

3. For the final SPC Flooring board of the first row ensure to measure length required to allow 6mm (1/4”) gap for expansion between SPC Flooring plank and right hand wall.

4. To cut board place facing upwards. Using a sharp utility knife and ruler, cut pushing firmly several times on the same line. This will not cut through the board, but will cut deeply. Then place one hand close to the cut and push down firmly, and use other hand to lift the other half of the plank. The board should split naturally at the cut mark.

5. Beginning the second row, use remainder of cut SPC Flooring plank from last piece of first row, provided piece is minimum 30cm (12”). Otherwise cut a new SPC Flooring plank to begin this row, ensuring joints are at least 18cm (7”) apart. Use the remainder of cut SPC Flooring planks for ends of rows to begin subsequent rows whenever possible.

6. Click together the long sides of the new SPC Flooring plank and the one in the previous row, install SPC Flooring board tightly to the short end of the previous SPC Flooring plank in this row with an angle of 30° and drop the plank to lock together. These should be same height if laid properly. Ensure both are perfectly aligned.

7. After installing SPC Flooring with 2 or 3 rows check the straightness using a string line. If the SPC Flooring planks are not running straight, it may be caused by unevenness in the starting wall. The first row may require to be re-trimmed to adjust accordingly.

8. For final row, install SPC flooring planks directly on top of last completed row. Install another SPC Flooring board on top, touching the tongued side of the SPC Flooring plank against the final wall. Trace a line along the edge of this piece marking the first SPC Flooring board. Then cut along the edge of this piece to mark the first SPC Flooring board. Cut using this line to get required width of board. Insert this cut board against the final wall. The final row should be a minimum of 5cm (2”) in width. Spacers can then be removed.

9. When measuring for holes for pipes, use the diameter of the pipe and cut a hole 12mm (1/2”) larger. Holes for pipes: measure the diameter of the pipe and drill a hole that is 1/2” (12mm) larger. Saw off a piece, and install the SPC Flooring board around the pipe. Then lay sawed-off piece of board in place.

10. When installation is complete, replace moulding, allowing a slight clearance between moulding and SPC flooring. Attach moulding to walls, not to the SPC flooring. For areas where SPC Flooring meets other flooring types use T-moulding to cover exposed edges. Do not pinch SPC Flooring with moulding, and allow a small space between surfaces.

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